The Gentleman Floris

Time Without Haste

How long do you spend on your morning and evening grooming rituals? I know a chap who would happily spend half of his day preparing to dress and the other half preparing for bed — perhaps hoping to avoid the disappointing bit in the middle. Whenever I call round he seems to be in his dressing gown with Beniamino Gigli playing in the background. He adores Gigli. He may be the (extreme) exception though, as they say men all too often rush their daily routines rather than learning to enjoy them. Starting the day well-groomed fills the day with more potential. Or as one of our favourite perfumers, Floris (1730) of Jermyn Street, London, has it: 'How you start the day defines how you end it.'

Floris has a complete range of men's products designed to make the morning shaving ritual more appealing. They want you to take time to ease into your day to enjoy them, as evinced in the video below — Time Without Haste — in which an unhurried bachelor prepares himself properly for work.

The Gentleman Floris range includes pre-shave, shave and post-shave products infused with their classic men's fragrances — No.89 (which takes its name from the number of Floris' shop in Jermyn Street and was a favourite of Ian Fleming) and Elite.

You see the No.89 triple-milled (very important for retaining the scent) shaving soap in its wooden bowl above. You can match it with a No. 89 pre-shave face wash and scrub to prepare face and hair for shaving, and some post-shave balm to get the full, invigorating effect of the classic fragrance. The products invoke natural extracts to work their magic. For example, the aftershave balm includes 'British extracts of willow, hops and oat and a premium blend of blackcurrant, borage and rapeseed oils to comfort delicate skin' like yours.


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