Temple Cycles of Bristol

Proper Bikes

Temple Cycles of Bristol are inspired by classic British (and, ahem, French) bicycle design. Not for them (or us) all-terrain muscle bikes or uncomfortable slivers of high-tech alloy to wobble on. No, proper bikes, with a proper shape that offers a proper cycling experience. The sort of bike you see, fall in love with and immediately wish to ride (with a delirious grin on your face) to the local bakers to pick up some Eccles cakes.

Working with the best component makers, the bikes are hand-built to order. They have a range of off-the-peg bikes, but can also do fully bespoke builds.

From the range, I plump for the Path Racer (above and below). What an absolute smasher. Note the classic Brooks Team Pro saddle, the white wheels and the polished silver handlebars and crankset. The bike is a single-speed with a 42-16 ratio ― 42 teeth on the front cog and 16 teeth on the back cog. 42-16 is a good ratio for general cycling the bike boffins tell me.

And if you are wondering what the leather strap is for below, it's to help lift your bike up steps. A clever little add-on to complement the bike.

With their timeless appeal, it's fair to say that you could ride the cycles from Temple on the Velo Vintage ride or The Tweed Run and no one would bat an eyelid.


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