At the Beat Concert

You're just back from the barber's freshly suedeheaded. The Beat are playing at the Victoria Hall this evening. You have a ticket to attend and you want to look your best. Time to summon up some timeless casual classics.

The central feature will be the Yardie Cardie (top) by Connection Knitwear, made in Italy from baby goatskin suede, around which you spend far too much time selecting the rest of the outfit. The cardigan is first-rate and so eye-catching that you could probably ease up on the rest of the outfit. But that's not your style. Every item must earn its position.

Tom Smarte - Pork Pie Hat in rabbit felt with satin band (Made in England)

Black - Capriana Cravat in silk twill (Made in Italy)

Alexander MQueen Wool Mohair Trousers (Made in Italy)

Alfred Sargent - Carroll Oxblood made to order loafers (Made in England)

Fox Umbrella - Whanghee Crook Handle telescopic umbrella (made in England) — also useful in self-defence should any punks or rockers be looking for trouble.


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