Huntsman - UK Ready-to-Wear

Take-Away Huntsman

You may know Huntsman for bespoke and tweed, but they can also dress you more casually with their classic ready-to-wear range.

This season they use a Brummell-like palette of greys, blues and browns in their winter collection. Here are a few items that are manufactured around (most of) the United Kingdom that may tickle your fancy.

Made in England 

Hand-cut silk Navy Stags Head Tie tie with Huntsman stag motif, lined with silk for a stable heft. 

Made in London, England.

Made in Wales

Navy Three Twist Cable Crew Neck sweater made in Wales from 5-gauge fine cashmere with a micron count of 16, which equates to soft, soft. 

Made in Scotland

Tasselled Camel Cashmere Scarf made in Scotland.

Sadly, I didn't spot anything from Northern Ireland.


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