John le Mesurier - A Plea

The Lost Le Mesurier Album

Sometimes I put out a call and you boys deliver — deliver good — even when I'm not quite putting out a call. I mentioned that I was waiting for a reissue of The George Sanders Touch a few years back and a kind American lady responded and sent me a copy on CD. (That's not to mention the odd Earl Grey chocolate bar that comes my way and goes straight into the snaffle tin.)

This time I call upon your powers to see if we can locate an album made by John Le Mesurier called What Is Going To Become Of Us All? — an album of spoken word and song standards delivered in talk-song style similar to Dirk Bogarde's Lyrics for Lovers.

Want to Hear Songs for the Lovely Lady?

Dread a visit from Dr. Dre? Bored of a ballad from Beyoncé? Brain addled by Adele? Don't worry, I've uploaded Songs for the Lovely Lady here at Tweedy's soundcloud. And don't be concerned for your street cred. Nowadays it is square to be hip.

If the plea pays off, I will add the album from Le Mes too.


  1. I see you bemoaned the price tag that went with Sanders autobiography in your post about the George Sanders album. I see that there is now a fairly inexpensive ebook version which I'm tempted to pick up.

    I might accompany it by trying to whistle the little tune he had as The Saint.

    1. Thanks Hal. Good news on the ebook front then. The Saint whistle sounds like a fine accompaniment. Best wishes, Tweedy.


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