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Britischer Tradition

When it comes to holiday reading, you probably don't need to look further than the big three: Fleming, Christie and Wodehouse. You can add a dash of Highsmith to the mix. But why not read some Tweed this summer too? What do I mean? Do I have tweed on the brain? Yes and no; I'm actually talking about Tweed Magazin, my favourite German-language magazine dedicated to all that is civilised and chap-like.

Ein Gutes Buch

Tweed is loaded with articles of interest to any Anglophile gentleman. You'll find pieces on style, travel, tweedy living, tweedy people, classic motor cars, watches, John Nettles, cigars.

I spotted an article on our good friends at the Chelsea Farmer's Club. You'll also find intelligence on German cities, the gen on shops and whatnot.

You might also come across an interesting character named 'Troddle', seen here enjoying a drop of 'Neslon's blood'. He seems a decent sort, though I'm not sure I would have worn black shoes with those trousers.

The Bernhard Roetzel

Bernhard Roetzel, a Berlin-based writer, contributes to the magazine. Roetzel is famous for writing on British style. His book Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion [Amazon] is an excellent guide to classic men's style. British Tradition and Interior Design [Amazon] is also worthy of space on your bookshelf.

If you like The Tweed Pig, you're sure to enjoy Tweed Magazin. It makes for a fine holiday read.

Tweed on the beach, who would have thought it?


  1. Shame it's all in German though. I wonder if they offer an English language copy (perhaps one in electronic form too)?

    1. Thanks Anon. No English-language version, as yet.


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