Summer Holiday - Packing Essentials

The Bearable Lightness of Packing

It's almost time to put down the pen, strip out of the three-piece pinstripe suit, and slip into something more suited to a Mediterranean summer.

Packing shall be light of clothes and reading. I intend to read a little, but not enough to hurt me; most of the time shall be spent ice cream and lotus-eating. The new translation of Leopardi's Zibaldone [Amazon] can wait until Autumn, the reflective season.

Carefully Placed into the Globe-Trotter

Sunspel Polo and Orlebar Brown Trunks

Sunspel Polo and Chuc's Trunks

Sunspel Polo and Orlebar Brown Trunks

Sunspel Polo and Chuc's Trunks

Note that this colour of Riviera Polo is unavailable at present. I'm tapping the side of my nose as to how it came into my possession.

John Smedley Polo and Chuc's Trunks

Sunspel Polo, Anderson's Belt and Brooks Brothers Trousers


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