Cad & the Dandy - A Passion for Tailoring

A Passion for Tailoring

In this interview, James Sleater of Cad and the Dandy explains how it is a passion for English tailoring that ultimately drives the business.

Sit the Course

If you haven't done so, you must sit the Suit Buying Course that Cad & the Dandy put together for us.

As you can see from the video clip, these chaps mean business.

Lesson #1
Lesson #2
Lesson #3

Get the Suit

Now 'suitably' knowledgeable, you can walk right in to 13, Savile Row (where you'll find Cad & the Dandy on the first floor) and have yourself measured for a thornproof two-piece.

John Baker (top), Savile Row 'ace face' at Cad and the Dandy, might be there to greet you.


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