Sounds of Summer

Once off this overcrowded rock — Did you know that England has over four times the population density of Spain? Ever likely we queue for everything. We don't have a choice. — and somewhere along the sunny end of the continent, within stone-skimming distance of the Mediterranean, you'll hopefully find the space, quietude and climate to help uncoil that tense neck of yours. It's summer holiday time, gents.

As a consequence, you'll be looking for jolly foot-tappers to listen to as you pack ice into a highball glass for that breakfast gin and tonic — you don't do that at home. — mentally planning your permanent exile.

Herewith, jolly foot-tappers; all tested in appropriately languid summer situations.

You can add them to the ones from last year.

Kisses - Funny Heartbeat

Kisses are an LA band. Funny Heartbeat was produced by our very own Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne fame. Good show, Pete. Kisses provide our top photo due to the splendid parrot.

Alexander Dexter-Jones - Phantastic Phone Call

Alexander is not the son of Clash legend Mick Jones, as my initial assumption led me to believe, based on vocal delivery alone. He's actually the son of Mick Jones of the band Foreigner —  a native of Somerton, Somerset, ancient capital of Wessex. 'Foreigner Mick' will be proud, I'm sure. Perhaps 'Clash Mick' will be too. 

Madredeus - Haja O Que Houver

Something of an indicator as to where old Tweedy is heading this summer, Portugal's Madredeus have quite a following in Latin-Europe and Latin-America; not so much in the Anglosphere. Let's change that.

Haja O Que Houver is one of their more summery numbers.

Antologia [Amazon] is an excellent introduction to this Fado-inspired band.


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