The Perfect Beach Towel - Travelteq

Lie Back and Think of England

Don't look any further for the perfect towel to slip into your beach tote for a day at the beach. Travelteq say that they tried to create the best towel in the world, and I believe they've accomplished it.

The Travel Towel is made from Irish linen, and is available in various contrast colours in perfect pastel shades. It's a generous 2 x 1.45 metres. The width matters here. You can stake a claim to a decent-sized pitch on the beach, and lay out all your things without them rolling into the sand.

The towel is light. It's made in good old Amsterdam, where Travelteq are based. It has pockets for storing things. It can be used for picnics. I mean I could go on, but I'll just stay quiet and let you buy the bally thing.


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