British Fox Khakee Trousers

They keep doing it. The Merchant Fox must be reading our collective mind (which we're developing, I can assure you). They've made available the ultimate khakee trousers we're all seeking; and not only that, they've released a cloth with the right feel and colour we'd like to match as a sporting blazer.

I've always spelled it 'khaki'. Following The Merchant Fox's lead, I herewith desist. But there are numerous spellings:

Khakee Trousers

The colour of the trousers here is the traditional British khakee (or 'military drab') colour, which is darker than the colour generally associated with khakee trousers. The Merchant Fox do a lighter version too.

Kahkee serge was adopted by the British army in the 19th century; the drab chosen as the 'best colour for invisibility' when replacing the 'glorious British Scarlet' in conflict.

The cotton cloth is yarn-dyed and made by a British military manufacturer in Lancashire. Looking up close, and weighing in at nearly 8 ounces, the cloth seems as robust as you could possibly want in civvy street.


The blazer to go with your new khakee trousers will be constructed of Fox Brothers' Lightweight Bright Navy Flannel, an 8/9 ounces cloth; it's lighter than the Classic Navy Fox Flannel, which weighs in at 13/14 ounces.

The example shown in the photograph at the top is constructed by Attolini, the Neopolitan tailor involved with one of our favourite films, The Great Beauty.


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