Independence Day in a Hamilton Shirt

Oda of Canterbury

Might I extend a firm, manly handshake across the Atlantic today as our readers in the colonies celebrate independence from their benevolent mother country. Over here in the UK we can celebrate the feast day of Oda of Canterbury (958).

Everyone's a winner.

On this day, might we suggest wearing a shirt with an impeccable American pedigree?

Hamilton Shirts of Houston

Hamilton Shirts have been in the shirt biz since 1883. The company is still family-run and based in Houston, Texas, to provide us with the provenance and heritage we seek. Hamilton make bespoke and ready-to-wear shirts.

You would certainly want a blue Oxford shirt (above). Hand cut and sewn in the USA, the shirt is made from Italian cotton and has mother of pearl buttons. Built to last many 4ths of July.

Billed as 'America's finest dress shirt', I'm liking the Pink Bengal Stripe with cutaway collar (below).

I'm sure if I squeezed hard enough I could explain why pink is an appropriate colour for Independence Day, but my teapot and plate of biscuits are beckoning.

I raise a hot cup of lapsang souchong and point it in a westerly direction. From all at The Tweed Pig, wishing you a pleasant Independence Day.


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