Oliver Peoples - Flip-Up Sun Shades

I feel I have to curse my optician once more. He knows I wear the Ripley-style spectacles from Oliver Peoples, so it's quite the coincidence that he just happened to have in stock some flip-on sun shade lenses for that particular style the next time I visited.

The optician always wins
As soon as I saw the shades, my hand went into a kind of trance and levitated the wallet out of my pocket without my being conscious of it.

Since the acquisition they've been an absolute boon, I have to say. In lightweight polycarbonate, the shades are easy to attach, with wire clasps that slip onto the frame at the top and bottom. These have a brown tint to suit the frames, but there may be other tints.

It is great fun to play with the pop-up mechanism. They can pop right up to the vertical or you can cantilever them down to stay at various other angles till they're flat to the lenses of the glasses. The shades, as with the glasses, are made in Japan.


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