Perfect Argyle Cardigan from Lyle & Scott

Much Obliged

Thank you Lyle & Scott. If you follow The Tweed Pig on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen me posting an occasional photo showing a vintage Argyle-pattern cardigan.

It was a plea of sorts, because I could not locate a decent contemporary version. And we all require an Argyle cardigan in our classic wardrobe collection.

Lyle & Scott understand this, hence the availability of the 1960 Argyle Cardigan (above and below), which is made in Scotland based on the original 1960 pattern that launched their famous Golden Eagle logo.

Lap this up, gentleman, it's perfect. Perhaps you could wear it with navy trousers and a sporty light pink button-down shirt?


  1. It's cotton! I'd prefer wool.

    1. Thanks Christoph. This will get us through summer till wool season.


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