Fennel - Quiet Man Out in the Quiet Fields

Born to Love the Countryside

One of our loyal readers put me onto the redoubtable Fennel. Nigel 'Fennel' Hudson is a writer and illustrator. Through his Fennel's Journal publications and Fennel's Priory website he passes on his knowledge of traditional country ways.

It is our philosophy at The Tweed Pig that there is no activity that is not improved by slowing it down. Fennel's chosen trajectory is firmly in the slow lane.

Tips for Traditional Country Clothing

According to our reader, Fennel is "fond of a good hat and pocket watch" and likes to dress in traditional sporting attire when out fishing.

Here are Fennel's top five recommendations:

Norfolk jackets and tweed suits: David Saxby
Everyday wear, including light gardening: Old Town Clothing (They should be on everybody's list.)
Country wear and waterproofs: Barbour (Clearly, our national dress.)
Footwear: William Lennon (Go for the Hill Boots.)
Headwear: Olney


  1. Once they confirmed my measurements, the dress shipped very quickly and arrived within 3 days. I tried it on immediately and could not believe how perfect it was (is)!


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