Windsor Chair as a Table - James Harrison Design

From Wingback to Windsor

The classic Wingback Chair from James Harrison Design makes a perfect 'base' from which to contemplate life (nap) and issue profundities (make pompous declarations) as you take your weekend leisurely.

But you are going to need to rise from your 'chair of influence' occasionally, if only to move to the dining table to eat — a well-earned break after all that contemplation.

Here's where James Harrison Design can help again. The Holton range of dining table and chairs is made with traditional British Windsor chair-making techniques. This type of furniture making is something the company wishes to preserve in their contemporary designs. With Windsor chairs, the legs are joined to the seat by carefully constructed tenon joints. You can see the tenon joints in the table above. Curved back legs are also a traditional feature of a Windsor chair.

As James say, "We wanted the joining technique to be a key feature of the range, which is why the wedged end grain of the leg is exposed through the table top to beautiful effect. The Holton range is manufactured in the UK, so we can offer a huge amount of flexibility and make this range to a customer's specification."


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