Forget Gucci, Go Gizzi

Taking My Bag for a Walk

It was drool at first sight when I saw the Weekender Bag by Gizzi Leather. And that was just the photos. The order finally arrived and I could touch (and smell) the real thing. Call me 'eccentric', but since it arrived I've been taking this bag out for walks. It's too good-looking to stay at home, as evinced by the glad eyes it's getting from passers-by.

Yes, they're the Cordings pinks in the photos. I'm practically living in them right now. You know how you might latch on to an item from your wardrobe and wear it to death. I've latched. I bought that tie to go with them. More on that later.

The Weekender Bag - Change We Can Believe In

You might see a few design changes since we last featured the bag. Mark Gizzi — the craftsman behind Gizzi Leather — consulted on these. The handles are now hinged so that the bag may be stowed more easily, and there's a subtle logo inset at the side.

On making the bag, Mark says:

"I tried out a few new methods for this piece, such as using a wet mould to shape the leather on the sides and working out how best to hinge the handles. The trickiest part with making a bag of this size is not marking the leather and matching the sides when joining to the body.

"But it was a very rewarding project, and I am pleased with how it worked out."

And so am I. The bag is an incredible piece of craftsmanship. I'm hoping Mark will stay in touch and share any news on future projects as he builds his brand.

So Much More

If you're thinking of acquiring a new bag, let's compare what you are getting from Gizzi, as opposed to a bag from a mega-brand — Gucci perhaps.

Gucci has heritage, the company was started by Guccio Gucci in the 1920s. Guccio used master leather-makers in his Florence workshops early on, but soon introduced machine stitching. Consider that the Gizzi bag is entirely hand-stitched — seven stitches per inch.

Consider also that the Gucci brand is now owned by fashion-industrial conglomerate Kering. You can't speak directly to the person making your bag, as you can with a Gizzi bag.

Gizzi bags are produced in limited numbers. Gucci will sell a lot more, likely hoping to shift units in large numbers to the culturally emaciated in Shanghai or Vladivostok, who lap up whatever Western supermodels and celebrities are paid to carry.

The photos below were supplied by Mark. He's using them on his website too, so you can get a good look at the quality and detail.

These bags are really built to last, so we can call this an investment purchase. 'Weekers' and I are looking forward to a great future together.


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