Duffer's Fortnight - Turrall 1863

Turrall Fly-Dressers

Turrall — founded in Devon in 1863 by Colonel Hugh Turrall — is a quality manufacturer of fly-fishing flies and hooks. As they say on their web site, "England is the birthplace of fly-fishing as a sport and Turrall is its longest serving company of fly-dressers."

The hooks for the flies are made in England. The flies are hand-tied using traditional methods. Traditional construction, but Turrall incorporates the latest high-performance materials to give the fisherman the best possible advantage.

The craftsmen who make the flies are trained by Turrall to become specialists in the production of particular types of fly.  

Why not pin one of their fancier numbers to the lapel of your tweed jacket?

Duffer's Fortnight

I imagine 'Duffer's Fortnight' has been and gone, but you may want to take a look at the Mayfly Selection produced by Turrall (above), which is available from our good friends at Farlows.

J.R. Hartley would have been very pleased with them.

J. R. Hartley Fretting About a Lost Book on Fly Fishing


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