The Two Faces of January - Pemberton & Millner

Highsmith's Two Faces of January Becomes a Film

A new film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel, The Two Faces of January, was released in the UK yesterday. Or it was meant to be. I haven't checked, but (if correct) I'm flabbergasted I managed to be on top of a date.

We're all fans of Patricia Highsmith, I know, so let's wish it well; and look forward to seeing how Viggo Mortensen fares in the role of the Janus-faced con artist, Chester MacFarland, trying to extricate himself from a sticky situation in 1960s Athens. You can see his hot climate-friendly wardrobe — circa timeless — in the pictures here.

Look Out for the Pemberton & Millner Wallets

Pemberton & Millner is a British bespoke leathergoods maker that was founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Finch-Moore. She who was joined in 2011 by Helen Swann who shares an "enthusiasm to see the British handmade leather goods industry re-develop".

Look out for the set of wallets they created for the film's main characters, including the one below. Nice attention to detail, film makers.


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