The New Sheridan Club

The New Sheridan Club

You are looking for a members club in London. The thought of a club described as 'achingly hip' makes you shudder. And you've been pre-emptively blackballed by Pratt's. Where to go? Well, if you're the sort of person who would clip a hedge in a shirt and tie whilst listening to Test Match Special, then the New Sheridan Club might be just the place.

The New Sheridan Club is a member's club for "languid fops and consumptive aesthetes". Members favour tweed and worsted over flip-flop and hoody. The club organises meetings and events in London, but country and overseas membership is available. As a Tweed Pig reader, I hereby vouch for your rectitude should you apply for membership.

Join and you can be the proud wearer of a striped New Sheridan Club tie (see above) as you clip your hedges. When the vicar cycles past, he'll be suitably impressed.

Club Nights - Hot Jazz and Cold Cocktails

You will also see NSC members perusing the cocktail menus at London's The Candlelight Club and The Excelsior Club.

The Candlelight Club is a 1920s-themed "clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue". The Excelsior Club is a bigger, grander affair: "a recreation of the grand nightclubs of the 1930s".

Both club nights feature live jazz acts and dance bands. The terrific Alex Mendham & His Orchestra (above and below) played at The Excelsior this month.


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