Crombie - Lightweight Leather Trench Coat

Crombie Again

It's not a frequency illusion, it is actually another article for Crombie in close succession. Well, we couldn't not say something about Dr. Who. And who could ignore this trench coat we're about to discuss? Generally-speaking, I think Crombie have really upped their game. Am I not hereby justified?

I've probably mentioned too many times that something a bit special may come along from time to time, and before you realise that you are unlikely to see its like again, it's gone. Or maybe I've never mentioned it? I certainly think it. The gist is that if you will regret living without that thing, don't let it escape. (The same applies to people too, I suppose.)

I'm thinking these thoughts for this something: Crombie's Dark Navy Nappa Leather Bonded Trenchcoat. "Two layers of ultra-thin Italian calf nappa leather are carefully bonded together to create a unique lightweight experience." (Made in Italy.)

This is the sort of 'big game' clothing that needs bagging, as they don't come along often.

And it's a bit like that Fritz Lang leather coat I was seeking out in Berlin.

It's not easy to find leather clothing that doesn't make you look like a buffoon. I suspect this coat will age magnificently. One of those coats that you're obsessively concerned with marking for the first few wears, walking stiffly and not wanting to rub against anything, until the first mark appears and then you realise it's going to look even better with a few knocks. You relax and then it looks better on you — a virtuous circle. Do try and look after it though. You will want to pass it on.


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