Hilditch & Key - Bold in Stripes

Hilditch & Key Striped Shirt

A red striped shirt, maybe a Bengal stripe of equal width. Essential for anyone's wardrobe. With white collar and cuffs, we'd better raise that to doubly essential. Hilditch & Key have a smasher that fits this particular bill. Intended as a formal but everyday shirt, washable collar bones are sewn in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The stripes match throughout the shirt.

Red and Green? Are You Bonkers, Tweedy?

With the canvas of a navy blazer, why not match with a green silk tie from Hilditch? Yes, that's right, red and green. The old adage about red and green should never be seen makes no sense. Try telling that to a holly bush. Colours rarely clash in nature. And, throwing the book of adages away, let's go spots and stripes while we're at it.

Hilditch Intelligence: Karl Lagerfeld and His Famous High-Collared Shirts

Guess who makes Karl Lagerfeld's famous high-collared shirts? You probably know it's Hilditch & Key, as we're talking about it here and he name drops them at any opportunity. An extremely loyal fan, they've been making his shirts since he was 16. He has thousands, and they tend to have a white collar, but I've seen a few stripes amongst them. We may be ripping up the rule book somewhat, but I think the 'Lagerfeld' collar is for the man himself and the man alone.

Tweedy's Thought: Maybe I should come up with my own shirt collar shape? I don't favour small collars and I like a deep collar. That's a starting point... 


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