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An Italian reader asked whether I was a button man or a cufflink man when it came to shirts. He seemed to think the cufflink had gone the way of the dodo in Italy. They're not big double-cuff wearers in Italy, it has to be said. In short I wear both - single-cuff buttoned and double-cuff linked - and consider links not just for dress shirts. My own personal criteria for wearing links is that the shirt needs something on top for the cuff to peak from, be that a jacket or a sweater.

A related question was asked on cufflinks and the single cuff. It is possible to wear links with an appropriate single-cuff shirt, if you like a loose feel — and I won't stop you, in fact good on you for choosing something a bit different. Though I'm not convinced.
Gratitude for workmanlike cufflinks
The 18ct gold button cufflinks (above and below) are my 'go-to' links. They were a very well received wedding present. I'm not sure where they were made, but the simplicity of the design means I return to them time and again.

Perfect on a crisp white shirt, the chain-linked buttons have a brushed finish on the inner circle. You can find similar ones with 'stitching' in place, but I like the clean unadorned look of these. They don't demand overly formal dress.

I don't want the cufflink to make any kind of statement on its own, but to provide a little detail to the attire that surrounds it, be that a suit or just a sweater. And in the week we're celebrating our wedding anniversary they've being doing that assiduously for a number of years. Thank you cufflinks. It was worth getting married after all.


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  2. Loved the idea of marine-themed cufflinks, but i doubt if it would go with the formals. I guess would go best with the casuals. Today we can find many many types of cufflinks..also custom designs ones where we can design our own cufflinks.


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