Tweed Pig Pin-Up - Johnny King

Johnny King - Moustache Wax Maker

Who said the Pin-Up series doesn't have legs? A terrific one this time. A new dear friend of The Tweed Pig, Johnny King.

We got to know Johnny through The Handlebar Club. As well as being a member of The Handlebar Club, Johnny is the owner and producer of Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax. He lives in Reading, Berkshire, England.

About the Photo - A Moustache Journey

Johnny explains the photo:

"In this photo I was modelling for a clothing company called Paris in Cuffs. I am wearing my vintage Francesco Fasanotti Italian bowler hat, purchased from eBay, I love it! On inspecting the hat’s condition, I discovered the original receipt inside the leather sweat band, dated 1923 which made this purchase even more special.

"Although I am pictured wearing a suit and very much enjoy this look (which I often go for when attending the monthly Handlebar Club meetings), I don’t dress like this on daily basis, preferring a more unstructured look; jeans, a swag tee, fresh kicks and a cap. People often don’t think that a moustache goes with a more street look!

"I started growing my moustache just over a year ago, although I had always had some sort of facial hair, usually a beard of some size. I was due to attend a friend’s wedding, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, so I decided to shave the beard off. Whilst shaving I played around with different styles and eventually decided to go with a 40’s pencil moustache. On arrival at the wedding it soon became apparent that no-one understood the look I was going for and instead the insults started, such as “Hitler” and “what have you come as” et cetera. The comments upset me at the time, which led to me wanting to shave it off, but something inside just wanted to stay true to who I was and to not follow the herd. On my way to work the following Monday I saw an old chap with a handlebar moustache, I just loved it and at that point my moustache journey began!"

Finding a Decent Moustache Wax

Johnny tried a number of different moustache waxes and found that none really worked for him. He decided to try and make his own. After months of research, trial and error he settled on his recipe for Mr King's Marvellous Moustache Wax

Take it away Johnny:

"I gave a few tins out to some members of The Handlebar Club to try and received great feedback, so I decided to see if any would sell. On the first day of sale I sold several tins and I was amazed! After that the orders just kept coming in and now I have stockists from around the world!"

Handlebar Moustache Care

Johnny's tips for a perfect handlebar moustache:
  • Wash the moustache everyday
  • Condition the moustache a couple of times a week (regular shampoo and conditioner is fine).
  • Comb the moustache several times to make it smooth and even
  • Apply wax and style.
Once applied, Johnny's wax has a secret ingredient that is renowned for its ability to condition hair and replace oils that when lost can cause drying and split ends.

Come on, Grow a Moustache

Johnny offers some encouragement to those men who have always kept the upper-lip uncovered:

"I think all men should grow a moustache at some point in their life, even if it’s just for Movember, though a month is not really long enough to grow a proper 'tache. It’s known that 100 days is needed to grow a good moustache. But the best way to get a nice moustache without having the embarrassment of having a lame one for a while is to grow a beard then shave it off and just leave the moustache! Once you have a great moustache and decide to keep it, then you can apply to be a member of The Handlebar Club - which I am a very proud to be a part of."

How Can I Get Some of Johnny's Marvellous Wax?

You can purchase Johnny's wax and Mr King's t-shirts on his website, which includes a blog and directions for applying the wax.

Johnny is happy to hear from you if you have any questions regarding his wax or even if you're looking for tips and support for growing a moustache that would get you into The Handlebar Club.

Be a Pin-up: Nice tweed 'whistle'? Decent 'tache? Get in touch, you sound like pin-up material to me.


  1. Absolute Quality Mr King. Obviously a man of intellect, taste and an individual who simply follows his heart and inner direction. I'm sure the product is a impeccable as its producer. A great bio!


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