Mr Timothy Foxx's Marvelous Tweed

Scouting for Tweed

Summer's pretty much over and we can all get back to wearing clothes again. (Must get some net curtains.) Most importantly, we can start layering up the tweed. Fact: Everyone loves a man or woman in tweed, whether that's Miss Marple or Andre 3000.

I'm scouting for tweed in all its forms. To this effect, we have a new name for you today - Timothy Foxx Clothing - "purveyors of exceptionally eccentric clothing specialising in tweed".

About Timothy Foxx Clothing

Timothy Foxx Clothing is based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. It was established three years ago by young designer Rosalie Eustace, who named the company after a childhood toy.

90% of its production is British-based. Some of the production is in Wales, some at the Foxx HQ. All the tweed is sourced from Scotland.

(Licking lips) I spy tattersall, tweed, moleskin. Yum.

The Rupert Jacket in Duke Tweed

The pattern of the tweed on the Rupert Jacket jacket is unique to Timothy Foxx. Rosalie works in collaboration with the Scottish mill to bring fresh colours and patterns to her tweed designs. The Duke tweed is a pale based green with a subtle red and blue check running through it.

The single-breasted jacket is two-button fastening and has a double vent at the back. The collar is lined with bright red Melton fabric and has a matching red button hole. The lining of the breast pocket is designed to pull out to show off the navy spotted cotton inside.

This is the most popular men's item of Timothy Foxx.

The Yard Shirt

The tailored Yard Shirt - in olive and blue or straw, red and blue tattersall - is designed to accompany the Rupert jacket. The detail is simple with branded shirt buttons and a small brown outer label.

Made from British cotton fabric, it is hand-crafted in a small workshop in Wales - where the majority of the Timothy Foxx products are made. A team of 4 Welsh ladies - sipping Welsh tea and eating Welsh cakes, no doubt - do the cutting and sewing.

Tweedy's Teaser: Stay tuned for a feature on one of the finest Welsh heritage labels celebrating a milestone in its history this year. We'll be celebrating with them...


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