Here Come the Girls - British Girl Singers of the 60s

There Came the Girls

Here Come The Girls was a 10-album series comprising hundreds of obscure and forgotten fem pop and girl group songs from the 1960s. The albums were released between 1990 and 1999 on the Sequel and Castle labels, imprints of Sanctuary Records.

Most of the tracks in the series are by British singers. Not all tracks are hidden gems. Most have a perky charm, the odd one should remain rightly out of general earshot, but some are absolute classics-in-waiting.

The albums are out of print now. But I know you. You're resourceful. You'll find a way of listening to them and sifting out the gems.

Tammy St. John

One of the stand out tracks on Volume 1 is Tammy St. John's version of Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways.

Originally out on Pye Records in 1965, Essex girl Tammy, real name Judith Coster, was just 14 when she recorded this song of loss and loneliness. She gives the words an intensity beyond her years. The song was written by Fangette Wilson who also wrote The Northern Soul classic It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom. Super song titles.


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