S.E.H Kelly Joins the British Mac Pack

Ventile Mac from S.E.H Kelly

S.E.H Kelly is one of the genuine English clothing labels we do all we can to support at The Tweed Pig.

We also consider macs and trenchcoats British classics and absolute essentials for living in these perennially damp Isles. You need three things to live comfortably in the UK - a good local pub, a mac and an umbrella (to walk from home to pub and back).

So when S.E.H Kelly creates a mac we are definitely going to tell you about their contribution to the canon.

Tweedy's Thought: As I saunter along in a downpour, dry as a bone beneath my Mackintosh and Fox umbrella, I'm always surprised how many people who have lived here all their lives dart past in sopping wet suits or shirt sleeves as if the possibility it might rain in the British Isles had never occurred to them.

A Mac Built to Last

Constructed with a raglan sleeve, the exterior of the Kelly Ventile Mac is unsurprisingly made from Ventile. The mac is available in small batches in green and charcoal.

Ventile is a windproof and waterproof cotton cloth that was developed in Manchester for the military. Ventile doesn't make a sound when moving. You could wear this mac in a library whilst researching how to train apple trees as espaliers and no one would shush you. And it has very handy A4-sized pockets at the front to hold your books and apples.

The mac is lined with Melton wool woven in West Yorkshire, a warm, hard-wearing cloth traditionally used for 'hunting pinks'.

A worthy contribution to the British mac/trenchcoat canon.

The Trench Coat & Mac Canon


  1. A very fine looking garment. However, I do question the decision to put patch pockets on a coat meant to be worn in heavy rain.

  2. Interesting point. The pockets are pretty deep and there's a button there. And they're so handy for dropping things in, because of the shape and position. I suppose if it's raining cats and dogs, you'd place those oragami flowers in an inside pocket anyway.


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