Ford Madox Ford - Parade's End

Try it with Afternoon Tea

The new adaptation of Ford Madox Ford's novel of social change Parade's End is going down a treat at Tweed Towers. A handsome production and currently showing on the BBC. With the wonders of technology, we're moving our viewing time to Sunday afternoon. Ties in nicely with a leisurely afternoon tea. I'm not sure if it's showing in the U.S.A. yet, but HBO are distributors. I'm sure it will be lapped up like Downton Abbey.

I found Downton enjoyable but more of a soap-opera. Parade's End is meatier adult fare thanks to Tom Stoppard's magnificent screenplay. No jarring slips into modern idioms or voguish attempts at wooing a broad audience mean it will age well too. Quality, gents.

Benedict Cumberbatch is superb, as always, playing the lead role as English conventionalist Christopher Tietjens. He has somehow managed to gurn his fizzog into a period profile.

Reigning at the Parade

We couldn't let the production slip by without a few clothes shots. Detail is all and the costume people have paid attention to every button and tie clip. I do like those high-buttoned Edwardian/pre-war jackets.

Good beardwork from Rupert James Hector Everett in a very Peckham Rye kind of scarf.

Ford Madox Ford in Song

The Booklovers from the charming and classic chamber-pop album Promenade by The Divine Comedy name checks Ford Madox Ford. I wouldn't think many other songs do.


  1. Agreed, but I think you mean "adult fare".

  2. All rectified now. Let's hope nobody else noticed.


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