Linley Collaborations at the London Design Festival

Linley, the London cabinet-maker and design company, has launched Linley Collaborations as part of the London Design Festival 2012.

Linley Collaborations aims to feed innovation and give new perspectives on traditional cabinet-making by bringing in the unique visions of select designers. 

The impressive fruits of the first collaborations, with designers Rolf Sachs and Alex Hull, can be seen in London at Linley's Belgravia office in Pimlico Road during the festival.

Rolf Sachs

The Rolf Sachs x Linley collaboration presents the Q-UBES Library (top). Using Rolf's highly functional design, Linley has crafted the piece as individual elements that can be configured in any number of ways, like building blocks.

The inspiration for the Stack-ed Desk (below) is of a pile of freshly cut timber. The layered panels of wood receive minimal treatment and feature no nails or screws.

Alex Hull

The Alex Hull x Linley collaboration sees a reworking of Linley's classic writing desk. The EQUUS desk pares down the original shape, using advanced composite work and traditional cabinet-making techniques. As with many Linley originals, where you often find a secret drawer or compartment, the walnut centre panel in the desk rotates to reveal a secret pen holder.

LINLEY COLLABORATIONS at LINLEY, 60 Pimlico Road on 19th-26th September 2012 10am – 6pm; late opening Thursday 20th until 8pm.


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