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Calling all would-be cobblers. Blakey's now have an online shop selling their shoe protectors directly. Between full shoe repairs, you may wish to preserve the life of your shoes by knocking a Blakey's seg or two into the soles. Blakey's tips and segs fit heel and toe sizes to add that satisfying 'clack' when you walk. They're tricky to whack into older, stiffer leather soles — best hand over to a cobbler — but it's very satisfying when you knock one in sweetly.
Apron and some half-rimmed glasses
I like to don an apron and some half-rimmed glasses when I fit segs — my cobbler look — then, kneeling, position the shoes between my thighs and knock in the segs with rapid taps of my tack hammer. Maybe with Puccini heroines singing in the background. The type of segs you need depend on how your shoes wear. Luckily, Blakey's sell segs in all shapes and sizes.

The company started as Blakey Shoes Segs and Protectors in 1902, then Blakey's became a brand manufactured by the newly-named Pennine Castings. The company and brand survives because the products can't be bettered for the function they perform. A British company with a fine heritage that still manufactures in the UK — music to Tweedy's ears. Good value too.


  1. Nice that you hammer them in yourself. Hope you still use them.

    1. Thanks Blake. I certainly do. I also get metal sections when having my shoes resoled, but I enjoy knocking the odd one in myself. Best wishes, Tweedy.


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