Commando Comics - 50 Years of Derring-do

I wrote to Commando a while back. I wanted to include a strip and give their classic war stories some worldwide coverage. Yes, believe it or not, we get readers from all corners of the globe. Let's hope something comes of it.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Commando are launching 'Operation Gold'. They'll have new stories out this year and re-issues of the first 18 books. Moving with the times, they'll also have iPad-friendly digital editions.

Happy birthday Commando, an impressive service record. Tweedy salutes you.


  1. I found your blog from the Commando page on Facebook. I LOVE your scattergun approach.

    Like you, I grew up with Commando and still read them regularly. Sometimes on the quiet, I have to admit. Now that they're 50 years old and are "classics', I might not have to do my reading in secret.

    If I can persuade my boss i need an iPhone I can read them on the train to work.

    Unlike you I've been in touch with them about a couple of things and always got a reply, maybe you should try again through the new site? Or maybe through It's always worked for me. I definately think a strip would be a great addition to your site.

    Sergeant Jock

  2. Thanks for your comments Sergeant Jock. I've contacted the editor again, on your suggestion. Let's see. As regards reading Commando on the quiet, I say it's time to march proudly and let fly the colours. Stand easy. Tweedy.

  3. Great blog Tweedy. Commando comics were essential reading in the 1970's for back garden rat-a-tat-tat soldiers. Keepup the good work. Ste in Stoke.


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