Lodger Shoes

Shoes of the Month

Lodger have designed a nice selection of shoes in their two years of operation. Their shoes of the month always surprise, with lots of classic styles produced on shallower modern lasts, plus casual classics like desert boots. As you can see from above, smart enough for the most discerning mod-about-town. Interesting to note that the founder, Nathan Brown, has now sold the company to Lutwyche Bespoke. It seems like a good tie-up for Lutwyche. On top of Lodger matching belts and socks with the shoes, the suit can now be considered in the equation too.
Cult cobbler joins forces
To quote from the Lodger site, "we will only see wonderful things when the last luxury-tailoring factory in England and our cult cobbler join forces." I like the sound of that. I also like the first results of the merger, the Bedford Stirrup Derby (bit of a mouthful name) co-respondent in suede and leather. (Hint: My birthday is approaching.)

I wonder if the name is taken from Bowie's Lodger album or Hitchcock's film, The Lodger? I can certainly see Bowie in those co-respondents, and they'd also fit nicely in Hitchcock's film too. That's the beauty of classics - timeless.


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