John Barry - All the Tunes in the World

The Sound of Bond

Sad to hear of John Barry's passing. He was responsible for some memorable film music, in particular the James Bond soundtracks from the golden era - Dr No to Man with the Golden Gun. His trademark sound, with muted brass and dramatic stab chords was immediately recognisable. The Goldfinger soundtrack is a particular favourite and one I keep in the car to play when I'm on a 'mission'. (Reality: driving to the supermarket or to the airport). The later Bond films are not the same without that sound he perfected. I need it. Maybe they should bring out some new Bond films set in the 60s and bring it back?
Spine-tingle Maker
Let's remember him with the opening credits to his first soundtrack for the film Beat Girl. I must mention also that there are plenty of great compilations out there for the unacquainted. I have one that introduces the theme tune to Zulu with Richard Burton's narration of a dispatch to the British government. Spine-tingling.


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