Slowear at Liberty

Say No to Fast Fashion

In an echo of the slow food movement, a number of Italian clothes brands united under a single project identity, called Slowear, which casts itself as a direct alternative to fast fashion - espousing quality, workmanship and timeless appeal in very wearable collections designed to compliment each other. An admirable ethos, finely represented in their publications.

It's surprising that people who might be very fussy about provenance and quality when it comes to food, don't extend that to other purchases such as the clothes they buy. So it's good to see that Slowear grows and the collaborations continue. The latest involves a tie-up with Liberty. The collection has shirts created by Slowear using Liberty prints 9see top photo). You have to be very careful with floral prints, as they require plain everything else. The one above would look pretty good under a fine-gauge navy crew-neck sweater, just hinting at the floral on collar and cuffs in a less is more kind of way.


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