Criminally Nice Sweater

Australian Verve

Looking at the images of Australian criminals posted on the Green Box site, I was struck by the sweater of Mr F. Murray, 1929 (top). Although it has seen better days, it looks really well with his surprisingly contemporary-looking attire. The sweater has nice oversize buttons and collar, and a comfortable-looking loose fit, but not too loose. The gape between buttons (below) slightly spoils the overall effect. He should have left the bottom buttons undone. He shows some verve for a convicted felon. These could be shots from L'Uomo Vogue.

Morrissey would be envious
It's a good style tip to wear a collarless shirt under a collared sweater too as it resolves that two-collar dilemma if you want to layer. Mr. Murray, you may not have got the breaks in life, but you had a certain style. And by the look of your hair, you may have known it. Cor blimey, that's some pompadour. Morrissey would be envious.

From the other mugshots, I think Walter Smith easily looks the toughest:

A. O. Feutrill looks the most innocent:

Unnusual name. It might be possible to track his relatives.
Largest hat
Prize for most dapper (and largest hat to make up for small stature) must go to Sidney Kelly:


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