Gieves & Hawkes - Dress Like a Prince

Wedding Speculation

There has been much speculation and anticipation as to what Prince William will be wearing on his wedding day in April (although maybe not quite as much as with Catherine Middleton's dress). The talk was of which tailor, and would he wear morning dress or military or neither.

Speculation over: Gieves and Hawkes of 1, Savile Row will be making his wedding outfit and it will be a military uniform. The uniform is guaranteed to be impeccably tailored, Gieves and Hawkes are now in their 240th year as military outfitters. Rest assured that they will pull out all the stops for the cloth and the cut to look perfect. The only question now is which service, and hence, which colour?
The great uninvited
Let's hope the sun shines on their day. If so, Gieves and Hawkes' lovely English Classics in English Colours range (above) is just the sort of bright and optimistic kit I'd like to be wearing, the smart end of casual - perfect for the elongated Easter holiday we can enjoy as the great uninvited.


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