Hardy Amies and an Englishman's Suit

The History of Suits

If a book on the history of suits doesn't sound like an enjoyable read (although it does to me), then you might not be immediately drawn to Hardy Amies' The Englishman's Suit. However, the book, as well as being a slightly potted history of suits, is also a rather charming guide to living elegantly.
Impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes
With mock-seriousness tones, that you suspect are deadly seriousness underneath, Hardy has some very definite rules. On any page you will see entirely contestable statements delivered playfully as unquestionable truths. You must 'in all weathers wear socks to the calves'; it is 'totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes'; a 'white handkerchief [as a pocket square] is acceptable but only just'. You may not agree with some of his maxims, but his plea for the seeking out of quality and gentility in life is winningly delivered.

Best read with a pot of tea and a tray of delicious Laduree macaroons.


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