The Poor Can Only Afford the Best - 1906 Gents

Music to Button a Cardigan By - Goodbye Horses

J. Alex Swift (1895)

Tweed Pig Pin-Up - David Minns

The Gangster Lapel - Pépé le Moko

Corneliani (1958) - Man as a Masterpiece

Reach Your Peak - Paul Stuart

Armchair for the Six Nations Rugby - Lambert & Stamp

Sherlock Holmes' Dressing Gown

C.W. Dixey & Son (1777) - Specs Like Churchill

Swaledale Woollens - Tradcore not Normcore

Fox Umbrellas - Vivat Vulpes

The Barbican Shoulder Bag - Brooks England

The Great Beauty

Barbour & Norton & Sons, Ahoy

Nursey 1846 - We Must Defend Our Sheepskin Coats

Drake's Acquires Cleeve Shirts

Apex Sweater - S.E.H Kelly

The Merchant Fox - Impeccable Provenance