Drake's Acquires Cleeve Shirts

Cleeve of London

If you weren't aware, Drake's London has acquired Cleeve of London, maker of English shirts. This is tremendous news, not least because, historically, these small-scale hidden gems of British manufacturers have typically been absorbed into the portfolios of Italian or Japanese firms, who have had more of an appreciation of what they represent.

Fruits of the Acquisition

Drake's will certainly understand how this acquisition strengthens the ethos of their brand and the differentiation — in terms of quality and authenticity — that a made in England by Cleeve label gives to their shirt offerings.

The fist run of Cleeve of London Exclusively for Drake's shirts is now available. Below we have a red and white semi-fitted button-down shirt in English cotton.

A shirt made in England from English cotton by an English-owned company; there's an intangible yet satisfying harmony in this product.


  1. To call the company English-owned is a stretch. Drake's is now Chinese owned.

    1. Thanks. Yes, what's the current position? I read that they'd shared collections and investment with a similar Hong Kong outfit. Have we lost them completely? We have alternatives, if that's the case. Augustus Hare do nice ties, and Sam Carlisle is really nice. Best wishes, Tweedy.

  2. I think you will find they are owned by a UK chap, who just happens to be of Chinese ethnicity

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