Nursey 1846 - We Must Defend Our Sheepskin Coats

If the British people, as Churchill suggested, prefer to hear how bad things really are, then I won't beat about the bush. After five generations, Nursey (1846) — the family-run Suffolk sheepskin business, based in Bungay — faces closure next month unless a buyer is found. The famous Nursey sheepskin coat will be no more.

The classic Nursey Sheepskin Coat
Are we taking this lying down? No, we are not. A Churchillian response is required. I'm writing about the plight of Nursey here in the hope that someone with actual clout can do something about it. Is that Churchillian enough?
Churchillian response
Here we see the Classic Sheepskin Coat above and below; it has four-button fastening, with front pockets and side vents. It's made in Bungay to last a lifetime. We can't let this name, and these coats, disappear and become yet another deceased but collectable British label on the vintage circuit — can we?

The Sheepskin Coat - A British Street Style Classic

Let's not forget that the sheepskin coat was once a staple of British street style, a favourite amongst mods in the 60s and suedeheads in the 70s. And they would want for none finer than a Nursey. Nor should we.


  1. Is a shearling the same thing as a sheepskin coat?

    1. Good question Pierotucci. Certainly, the term shearling has become more prevalent in recent years. Pretty much yes, according to this info here:
      Although the term may refer to a sheep that has been sheared only once.

  2. I saw this reported on BBC Look East and immediately thought that I must alert the Tweed Pig. Looks like you were already on the case, well done!

  3. Bad news -

    Interesting that Mr Nursey wouldn't sell just the brand and the stock

    1. Thanks Matthew. (Surely not of "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be" fame?) Gargh. Maybe not selling the brand was a blessing in disguise? I rue the day Belstaff went to Italy and become a high fashion brand. Perhaps another British sheepskin coat factory could rise out of the ashes.


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