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Our Kind of Art

I know. I know. It's incredible isn't it. The photo above is a fully-functioning record player. Let that sink in for a moment. You could easily be forgiven for thinking it's a piece of art.

Think about it. Place that in an art gallery and who could possibly tire of looking at it?  And not want to touch it and try it? And play their old Blue Note albums on it? This is art that can stand up for itself, without empty slogans and juvenile concepts that need to be justified and rationalised. Art where sleeves have been rolled; a vision has been formed; and materials have been lovingly worked and shaped until they are utterly transformed into something that transcends their original purpose. Our kind of art.

Palmer Audio

The record player is made by Northamptonshire-based Jonathan Palmer. See more at Palmer Audio. Two models are available: the 2.5 (+ 2.5 12) and the 3.0.

Jon compares their construction to that of a fine watch movement. British craftsmanship of the highest order, which should make us all chest-beatingly proud.

Getting More Out of Jon

Jon says he has a keen interest in tweed and is 'going through a bow tie phase' right now, so maybe we can entice him on to the pages of The Tweed Pig to explain a bit more about his products and how he got into his craft...


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