Trunk Records and Original Peter

Trunk Records - Music Rescuers

Trunk Records is a British independent record label run by Jonny Trunk (Jonathan Benton-Hughes). It specialises in resurrecting and releasing music that was in danger of falling into silent, undeserving obscurity.

The Trunk catalogue has excellent re-issues of jazz, soundtrack and folk recordings, amongst other genres, which Jonny has hunted down and rescued for posterity. Some of the music has never had a proper release before.

Informed and enthusiastic about his finds, Jonny writes engagingly of the artists and the music. It's clear he really wants us to hear and enjoy these hidden gems.

Couple of Hidden Gems

Music from Trunk that we must be grateful hasn't disappeared completely from the cultural sphere:

Pete Burman's Jazz Tête à Tête (above) is a splendid album of British jazz from the early 60s. Jonny believes it to be extremely rare and is not aware of anyone else who has ever been able to find it, let alone make it available to us.

Ennio Morricone: Early Works and Collaborations (below) is a charming album of Morricone's first film music and comes highly recommended by The Tweed Pig.

Original Peter - Record Hunting Bag

Jonny Trunk and fellow record collector Ed Grifiths have collaborated with our friends at Brady Bags to create a range of bags for holding records.

Original Peter was born of Jonny and Ed's frustration at not being able to 'find a proper, grown up, sartorially splendid, long lasting record bag. The sort of bag that would match a good, sturdy pair of English shoes.'

They found their match. Original Peter sells three versions of the Record Hunting Bag, with 7-inch and 12-inch sizes. All the bags are made in England of water-resistant canvas trimmed in English bridle leather. The bags have solid brass fittings and cotton webbing shoulder straps.



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