Apex Sweater - S.E.H Kelly

Be a Tiger

S.E.H Kelly will always come up with the goods for no-nonsense, robustly British attire. A while back, an American reader inquired about weighty, tough-man British sweaters. And when we locate one, we disseminate; simple, sociable networking.

Take a look at this beast of a lambswool sweater from Kelly. Constructed in tuck-stitch, it's weighing in at an almost daunting ten-ply. Huge. Fantastic. In a sweater food chain it would be described as an 'apex predator' — the sweater equivalent of a tiger. By extension, if you wear it, you'll be a tiger too.

Details-wise, the sweater has a couple of stealthy little pockets, with English-made horn buttons, to tuck the hands in.

The sweater, or jumper if you like, is made on a hand-loom in the UK.


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