Holland Esquire - Tweed Jacket & Cardigan

Tweed Things from Holland Esquire

A couple of tweed items from Holland Esquire, chaps.

Below you see the Dogtooth Tweed Jacket, which is followed by the Tweed Back Chunky Cardigan

The jacket is available in a limited edition of 20. Slim-fitting, it is made from Abraham Moon tweed with black suede arm patches. The resin buttons have hand-drawn illustrations of British dog breeds.

The dog above is called Jack “The Champion Ratter” — from owner Nick Holland's collection of weird and wonderful objects, and now stuffed for posterity. It is the inspiration for the jacket, and perhaps an inspiration to us all.

Here we have a combination of two of our favourite things: cardigan and tweed. The Tweed Back Chunky Cardigan has a back panel of tweed sewn in. Ingenious.

About Holland Esquire

Nottingham-based Holland Esquire was started by tailor Nick Holland in 2001, who designs each collection. Hand-stitched customisations and bright contrasting linings are features of their jackets, which are made in limited production runs.

Most of the fabrics used by Holland Esquire are from British mills and the designs are exclusive to them. I'm not sure where the clothes are made though, so it's label-checking time.


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