Corneliani (1958) - Man as a Masterpiece


Corneliani began in 1930s Mantua, Italy, when Alfredo Corneliani set up a business making coats. The business was parked during the Second World War, but was re-started by his sons in 1958, when Corneliani S.p.A was founded. It remains an Italian-owned family business that manufactures in Italy. We're not just about British classics at The Tweed Pig, we are about heritage and authenticity anywhere. Mainly British classics though, truth be told.

The Corneliani house style is traditionally structured, although their more casual lines offer floppier jackets if that's what you're looking for. They also do made-to-measure, which incorporates 150 steps and 27 hand-crafted stages, stats lovers.

Single-Breasted Cashmere Jacket with Pointed Lapel

I couldn't resist this Corneliani jacket in cashmere birdseye cloth. Made in Italy. I may take the sleeves up a bit, but otherwise a pretty good fit. The cloth was the selling point though; it's very soft and of a pleasing thickness. We've been talking about pointed lapels on single-breasted jackets recently. These are of the 'go big or go home' variety.

The cloth reduces the formality of the style though; enough to be able to use it as a daytime jacket. There is something of the maverick cop from a 1970s series about it. A cop that doesn't go by the book, but still gets results. He'll probably have his badge taken away, but he'll continue with his investigation to expose corruption at the very top.

I'm patrolling the mean streets of ludicrously pretty Lacock, Wiltshire, below. I discovered an excellent tea rooms there — I must cover it.


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