The Poor Can Only Afford the Best - 1906 Gents

The Poor can Only Afford the Best

The poor can only afford the best. Think about what that means. This astute aphorism has been adopted by our American chums at The 1906 Gents, whose mission statement is to "create heirloom-quality products that provide service and enjoyment for generations to come".

They make products with staying power, gentlemen. If there's one thing we should look for in anything we wish to live with, it is its intrinsic capability to last — form, function and materials. This is in diametric opposition to the fashion for the disposable and the media trend-driven that has permeated the culture of the 'Five Eyes' nations in modern times. A mindset that the poor could ill-afford to indulge in an earlier age.

About 1906 Gents

The 1906 Gents get their name from the United States Antiquities Act of 1906, which was passed to preserve natural and national landmarks. They are based in Springfield, Missouri and craft household products by hand.

Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

The 1906 Gents offer a range of badger shaving brushes. The Eliot has my attention, which uses silvertip hair (the softest and most water-retentive of the badger hair categories) and hand-turned handles made from exotic woods. You can select the wood and the shape of the handle. Being entirely handmade, the final product will be uniquely yours.


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