Sherlock Holmes' Dressing Gown

The Investment Potential of a Dressing Gown

Heating bills being as they are, a sensible investment would always be a woollen dressing gown. Good ones are hard to find, but here are a couple from Derek Rose that would repay the initial investment many times over in terms of gross domestic comfort.

Sherlock Holmes' Dressing Gown

The world of The Tweed Pig has collided a few times with Benedict Cumberbatch. Purely coincidentally — or is it? — here he is again. This time he's back as Sherlock Holmes (above) as he's wearing a dressing gown from Derek Rose we'd like to recommend. If his mug helps bring in the traffic, I'm not complaining. He is one of our favourite actors.

The Kensington 1 camel dressing gown is made from a blend of wool (90%) and cashmere. It has piped seams and a tasselled belt that you can swirl around when in a 'brown study'.

Grey Herringbone Dressing Gown

This is another Derek Rose dressing gown, but I don't think it's currently in production. Either that or it was made exclusively for Woods of Shropshire. The cloth used for this is smashing: a grey herringbone wool — timeless. As with gown above, it has a shawl collar and patch pockets.


  1. I was a little worried about fit , but fit beautifully, I am 5"3 and 125lbs and ordered a size 6 (it is a little snug around the waist, but it's a corset so that is expected).

  2. Benedict seems to be a fashion icon these days. I especially liked the clothes he wears in the HBO Miniseries "Parade's End." The show is worth watching for richness of the clothes and sets alone.

    1. Thanks TCWCUW. I really enjoyed Parade's End. Poke around the pages of The Tweed Pig and it gets a mention somewhere.


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