Music to Button a Cardigan By - Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses - Hayden Thorpe and Jon Hopkins

Goodbye Horses [Amazon] is a contemporary art song recorded by Hayden Thorpe and producer Jon Hopkins in 2013. Hayden is the lead singer of the Wild Beasts, and bears a passing likeness to our famous Guernsey sweater larcenist in the photo above.

As regular readers will know, I'm a fan of the countertenor voice. Hayden sings in a pleasingly high and English-sounding register. Intentional — he has complained that too many of his British contemporaries affect an American-sounding vocal. I blame Mick Jagger.

We'll stick this song in the Music to Button a Cardigan By collection, but perhaps — with its chillingly confessional atmosphere — it would fit better in a Hitchcock-like Music to be Murdered By compilation. It's a song you might want to hear if you've just murdered someone, and now — as you're scrubbing the blood stains out of your pastel blue alpaca cardigan before the scene of crime officer arrives (good luck with that) — you're in two minds about what you've done.

The song was originally recorded by US singer Q Lazzarus.


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