Armchair for the Six Nations Rugby - Lambert & Stamp

Victorian Gentlemen's Chair

Looking for a chair to watch the Six Nations Rugby from? What about something like the Victorian Gentlemen's Chair above from Lambert & Stamp?

Lambert & Stamp is a Cornish-based company that is best-known for restoring antique armchairs and upholstering them in Home Nations flags and classic book covers. They also apply their design work to new pieces.

The Union Flag is a very popular choice in design the world over. It's a bloody good-looking flag, but is that all? It maintains a youthful appeal — as a symbol of rebelliousness and individuality — as much as it conveys identity and tradition. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

Lambert & Stamp do commissions too. I'm not sure it's possible, but maybe other flags could be used on their chairs. I've been looking at what's out there, flag-wise, and there are some interesting designs. Did you know the flag of Mozambique has an image of an AK-47?


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