The Barbican Shoulder Bag - Brooks England

Built for the British Climate

For the rain it raineth every day. Or so it seems beneath the perma-cloud of Britain. The climate might inspire a certain lugubriousness, but you don't need to move to Hull and start writing introspective poetry, mulling a life of weather-related missed opportunities. All you need to do is to assemble the right kit to cope with the life aquatic — kit that can take a drenching — and then you can strut around like you're living in Luxor (very dry place) — oblivious to the wet.

Clouds can unload as much water as they want on the Barbican Shoulder Bag from Brooks England. It won't mind a bit. My Pashley Roadster Sovereign tipped me off about this bag. It's always on the look out for accessories. The bag is made in England from the same leather as the Brooks saddle my bike proudly sports, which is equal to pretty bloody tough. If it's blowing a gale, you can adjust the shoulder strap into a Sam Browne belt, as shown by the model below.


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